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All the Stores Are Closed to Open Jason Morales

Jason Morales joins me on my channel to talk about the life of music and more.

10,000 Hours with Jason Morales

My old friend Jason Morales has been in a bunch of bands, performing 10,000 shows. The time has added up and now he is on a roll.

His music is being published as All the Stores Are Closed on indie labels and continues to explore new avenues to produce music, not just at shows. Jay has also been published as Abusive Delay aka ABSV.

We played in bands, and we got to know each other for a year between 2005-06, it was called History of the Future. I wrote about it in my music memoire. In that band, he was the drum set player.

We also played in Fiasco Free Improvisation countless times, where he would usually toggle between hand drums and electronic bits. I have watched him pivot from full time percussionist to electronics to both.

It’s great to me to see things get better with time. Neither of us seem to be willing to quit music because it pains us more to let it go than to be obscure players forever. You never know either when you’ll put out a hit.

So we talk about that, against the crappy internet. I swear, this will get under control for me.

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