The Not-a-Podcast Show Video

Finding God in Anarchy with Chad

Join me with Aquarian Anarchy’s Chad on the old livestream.

Chad breaks the spell of bad internet with an ethernet cable. The saga of my livestream has light at the end of the tunnel.

I enjoyed my talk with Chad, the man from Men of Order, the great white Hotep, co-host to Aquarian Anarchy Podcast, and former Adam Kokesh operative. He is passionate and committed, but he discusses his weakness and near-resignation to mediocrity.

Our conversation gets a little bumpy in the middle, and this is a Livestream, so if things go south you risk cutting your losses. No edits. Sometimes he glossed over some perspectives that I don’t totally jibe with.

I remain very much aligned with the spirit of lefty politics. I continue to hang out in this community while making new friends in conservative circles. Whoever I talk to, I want to find the common ground that we share.

That is what I do with Chad.

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