Before Going Zero to Sixty, Get Out of the Negative

Let us imagine you’re fifteen years old and you have a drivers permit. Your parents are middle-class and they have two cars: a Ford Mustang GT Shelby revival series with a six-speed manual transmission, a 250hp V8 motor, but the other is a Ford Focus 125hp 4-cylinder automatic with safety alerts. As a new driver, […]

Improvised Music

The Broken Armed Drummer

“Luna’s Broken Arms” from The Growth Years by Death Worth Living Steven “Shane” Schneider aka Pixie Storm aka Reverend Papa Sweat, was a primary source of ambience and spontaneity, drumming and percussion, in the improvisational super group that I led from 2007 to 2011, Death Worth Living. This performance took place 24 hours following a […]

Finance Writing

Setting Your Stride from Rock Bottom

A Look at Personal Struggle and Social Inequity in Finance. In my first two posts in this series of short articles grappling with the preparatory steps required to embark on the path of financial planning and investment, my personal story was revealed for the purpose of discussing how we get ourselves into the rut of […]